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Sunburst™ Solid Green 55 Color Safe Bleach - 5.5 lbs.

A solid oxygen bleach that is designed to remove stains, brighten fabrics and improve cleaning. Contains no phosphate, VOCs, or chlorine. Rapidly biodegradable.  2/cs
Alternate #7761S2

Sunburst™ CES Compass Solid Laundry Detergent - 5 lbs.

A revolutionary one-shot system that most often requires no additional chemicals in the washing process. A Conserv Energy System Product. Easy rinsing for quick and complete removal of soil. Washes in cold or warm water. 2 per case; Each 5 lb. capsule yields approx. 80 loads.  2/cs
Alternate #7866S2

Sunburst™ Solid Green 65 Solid Laundry Detergent - 6 lbs.

A one-shot laundry detergent with special ingredients to remove heavy grease and particulate soils from all fabrics. Safe to handle. Contains water conditioners for a clean, bright wash. Contains no phosphate, VOCs, alkyl phenols (APEs, NPEs).  2/cs
Alternate #7868S2

Crown™ Entrust™ Laundry Detergent

Ideal for manual use in standard or high efficiency residential-type machines, or for automatic injection in front loading institutional machines. Contains a powerful surfactant system which penetrates and dissolves tough soils. Suspends and removes soil while brightening and retaining color. Lemon fresh fragrance. A concentrated, controlled sudsing laundry detergent for institutional, light industrial and residential use in top or front loading washers. Safe on most laundry washable fabrics when used as directed. Excellent for prespotting stains or spots.
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