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Food Service Specialty Cleaners


Crown Chemical Ice time™ Cleaner Descaler For Ice Machine

Nickel safe cleaner descaler for ice machines. Low fuming. Contains a synergistic acid blend which works faster and safer than standard lime scale solvents.  4/cs
Alternate #19341

Crown Chemical OxyBright™ Oxygen Stain Remover - 8 lb.

An oxygen releasing compound formulated to remove stains from china and plasticware in restaurants, cafeterias and institutional kitchens. Scoop included in each bottle.  2/cs
Alternate #11828

Sunburst CBW Cutting Board Whitener - Gal.

Designed to restore gray, stained, or discolored cutting boards to like-new condition. Its special formula helps remove stains that occur during daily use. Extra thick gel will not run off. Thick gel keeps the product where it needs to be.  2/cs
Alternate #4500X2

PRO-LINK® Water-Based Stainless Steel Cleaner

Ideal cleaner and polisher for food service areas. Helps preserve the factory finish. Does not build up. Very low odor. Resists fingerprints, grease and water spots. NSF registered. Approved for use in food preparation areas.  12/cs
Alternate #KA006